The beauty of landscape photography

Incoming article by Kira

The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.

Nature is good for you!

Taking a leisurely stroll in nature, or just looking at a beautiful picture of nature is good for our health. Even if you live between bricks and mortar, you can still enjoy nature in the form of landscape photography.

Take for example the beautiful landscape photography by Mark Delong, a Los Angeles commercial photographer. You can see nature's beauty in every single one of his pictures. And putting a handsome guy in the middle of nature's beauty makes it even better!

Landscape photography calms the mind

Landscape photography is true, and offers us a sense of freedom. Mother Nature is generous! To photographers landscapes are the juicy getaways of their minds and souls. They don't have to do something to make the subject look great. It already does.

Having said that, here some pointers when taking landscape pictures.

Work with the weather

You háve to work with the weather. A picture is influenced by:

  • the clouds
  • the sun
  • the wind
  • the light
  • the atmosphere

The best time for a photo shoot is between dusk and dawn. Because of the amazing light.

Choose a focal point

A good landscape photograph has a focal point. Without a focal point a picture becomes boring. Your eyes aren't drawn into the picture. A focal point can be a tree, a rock, a mountain or anything else that stands out. Or like the picture at the top of this post, a handsome guy.

Capture the movement

Even when everything seems quiet, nature's always moving. There are usually waves, clouds moving or just the leaves shivering in the wind. Try and think of creative ways to capture that movement. If you do it right, your picture will reflect it!

In the end it's all about taking pictures of what you love and want.

Capture that in your photograph, and it will come alive.

What type of pictures do you enjoy taking?

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  1. Landscape photography has certainly become one of my favorite types of photography. Looks back at my older photos, I've come to notice that a lot of them are landscapes--particularly I seem to have a lot of pictures of the sky. It has so much to offer and is often changing, I love it. 🙂

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