10 lessons I learned from The Walking Dead!

the walking dead

Have your ever watched The Walking Dead?

It's about a world that has gone to hell in a hand basket. Humanity has changed into zombies. And not the cuddly kind! They want to bite you and eat you up.

Luckily there are a few straggly survivors. I've gotten to known them pretty well after watching them for five seasons. And along the way I've learned a lot!

Let me share with you 10 important lessons I picked up from watching The Walking Dead.

Lesson number 1: Move to the country!

If the world ever gets struck with a scary zombie virus you should head on over to the country. Because there you can grow your own vegetables and hopefully draw water from your own well. Also, there'll be less zombies in the country.

Lesson number 2: Create your own alarm system

Sometimes it can't be helped, and you have to spend the night in some scary woods. Create your own alarm system from a piece of string and hubcabs. That way if the zombies start crawling towards you, you can hear them coming.

Lesson number 3: Don't get complacent

Don' just shoot a zombie and be done with it. The only way to really kill a zombie is by stabbing them in the head. Or by smashing their head in with a hammer or a stone.

Which leads me to lesson 3.1:

Do not watch The Walking Dead while you're eating! You'll spoil your appetite, because there's a lot of gore. With guts spilling out of stomachs... Yuck!

Lesson number 4: Zombies are attracted to sound!

You gotta be quiet! Zombies are quite stupid. And as long as you keep quiet there's a good chance they won't even notice you're there.

Lesson number 5: Sports jackets make great fishing nets

Do you have a hankering for some fried fish? Get yourself someone else's sports jacket and rip out the coat netting. It will make a great fish net!

Lesson number 6: Thirsty? Go to the bathroom.

Are you thirsty and out of water? Find yourself a toilet and get some water out of the cistern.

Lesson number 7: A zombie apocalypse brings out the worst in people

After 5 seasons of The Walking Dead the zombies are the least of your worries. It's other people that are the most dangerous. Compared with some of them, the zombies are almost cuddly.

Lesson number 8: people are strong

In spite of having terrible things happen to them, and losing people they loved, most people manage to get themselves together again and move on.

Lesson number 9: Grocery shopping in empty houses

At first you'll be able to get food from supermarkets. But soon they'll be empty. Then you can get your supplies from abandoned houses. Make sure to make some noise before you enter a house. That way any zombies will come stumbling to the door where you can smash their heads in. And then do your grocery shopping.

Lesson number 10

Crossbows, swords and hammers are the preferred weapons. A gun makes noise, and runs out of bullets. Pull arrows out of zombies and use them again and again. Recycle!

Summing up!

After watching 5 seasons worth of episodes of The Walking Dead I know quite a lot about surviving in a world overrun by zombies. In theory that is.

However I wonder: would I be part of the group of survivors, or would I be the one ending up dead in the first few minuts of episode one.

I worry it's the latter.


For those of you how are wondering what in heaven's name I'm talking about, here's a nice trailer:

You can watch The Walking Dead on Netflix!

Do you watch The Walking Dead?

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  1. I love to visit other humorous folks from SITS! These are great tips. Now I know to befriend people with netted interior linings on their jackets to survive the apocalypse. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for linking up at Bloggers Spotlight. I LOVE this post! My husband got me into walking dead and even thought it means I only get a max of 5 hours sleep Sunday I stay up for it!!

    My husband just did a 3-part guest post series on prepping for the zombie apocalypse (or the end of the world, or dooms day, or power outages, ice storms, pretty much anything) if you are interested in more prepping type things.

    I know on my own I would totally be a zombie asap, but with my husband, and his crazy-prepping I know we would last awhile.


  3. Hi, I'm new to the FMF community and came across your post from Susan Mead's Shaken - Linkup post. My husband and I love TWD! I don't think I'd survive past season 1, but I would certainly try. I'm a brand new blogger, so please check out the site I share with my husband on http://www.theravenwing.weebly.com

  4. I already commented above but thanks for linking up at Bloggers Spotlight Link and Pin-It Party! Your post was pinned to our group board.

    And yes my husband is useful to have around. He just bought an axe today lol!

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