Mouse in the house: signs you may have unwelcome visitors...

mouse in the house

My husband likes to make sure we have lots of toilet paper available. Even before Covid 19 he was always worried we would run out.

So he buys our toilet paper in bulk, and then throws it down the stairs of our cellar. There it lies waiting, until someone runs out of toilet paper, and stumbles down the stairs to get some.

Looks like we've got some unwanted company...

But it looks like we've got some unwanted company downstairs....
Someone's made meal out of our toilet paper.
I was so disgusted I wanted to throw out the whole roll, but noooooooo! My husband grabbed it from me before I could ditch it and told me:

'It's perfectly fine, you just have to remove the first layer.'

But that's easy for him to say.
Since he's a man, he doesn't use it as much as I do...

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