Google is watching me: What does Google know about you?


Google is watching me

I found this email in mijn inbox, titled: 

'Nicole, your June update'.
I almost threw it out without reading it, but I was curious so I clicked on it. Turns out, it's a Google report about my whereabouts in the month of June!
Apparently I activated this....

Google Activity

It said:

'Nicole, here's your new Timeline update
You're receiving this monthly email because you turned on Location History, a Google Account-level setting that saves where you go in your private Timeline.
Location History data also helps give you personalized information on Google, including better restaurant recommendations, and suggestions for a faster commute. You can view, edit, and delete this data anytime in Timeline.'

I must say: I'm having mixed feelings about this. On the one hand it's kind of interesting so see what I've been doing. On the other hand it's a bit disconcerting Google knows all this....

Google Activity: how to turn it off?

It turns out it's quite easy to turn off. You just head on over to and switch the button:
google is watching

Summing up

If you don't want Google to register your comings and goings, it's easy to turn off. If you don't mind knowing Google your whereabouts, it's kind of nice to see a summary!

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  1. How interesting. My thought is that Google is not that interested in me but, who do they sell this information to. Marketers pay a high price for data on peoples habits. Anyway we will feature your post in the next Blogger's Pit Stop and let every one make up their own mind.
    Thanks, Kathleen

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