Mommy Cardboard: Get yours now!

Have you been struggling to fit it all in?

Applauding your kids at their soccer games, their piano lessons, their ballet performance and at their school play? When at the same time you have to keep the house running and show up at your job in time?

I have the solution!

And her name is Mommy Cardboard!

You can order her online. From now on you don't háve to stand around applauding your kid. Just put up your Mommy Cardboard, while you go and do some grocery shopping. Or have a coffee.

Mommy Cardboard never tires! And she's always enthusiastic!

Your kids will never know the difference!

Mommy Cardboard comes with a handy little stand!

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  1. Well this is the best idea, I wonder if it would work on a husband too? Hope you find some me time to!
    Thanks for stopping by to linkup on The Oh My Heartsie Friday Features party. *Happy Holidays*

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