Now why didn't I think of that!

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When people asked me as a kid: 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' I usually answered:

'I wanna become a school teacher.'

Not because it was my deepest desire to educate the minds of young children such as myself, but because I figured that being a school teacher meant lots of chocolate. After all, didn't my teacher get a big chocolate bar every time one of my classmates had a birthday? And she didn't even look happy about all those chocolate bars! At least I would know to appreciate them!

I wanna invent stuff

But my biggest heart's desire, after getting lots of chocolate, was to be an inventor. An inventor of stuff. The kind of stuff you didn't know you wanted or needed, until you clapped your eyes on it. Unfortunately Walmart beat me to it. And so did online baby shop Bab-equip. They're selling all kind of inventive stuff. The kind that makes me think: 'Now why didn't I think of that!'

The potty that pours

Like a potty that pours! I always had trouble emptying the potty without splashing it all over the toilet seat, and now some inventor has actually solved this problem. He or she must be a parent! Or a handy sack you adjust to a chair, and you put your kid in. You never have to worry about restaurants having a high chair again.

So far the only thing I have invented is the Walmart Cone. To keep me from buying stuff inventors invented...

If you can't join them, beat them at their own game.

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  1. Well done, I wonder if you borrowed the idea of a cone from the Vet. I have seen dogs wearing them. I am not sure if they were going to Walmart or not.
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