8 Fun Things to do with your kids when all you wanna do is sleep

• Play Beauty parlor, with you as the client. Be sure to remove all permanent markers first!

• Play hairsalon, with you as the client. Remove all scissors that still work!

• Play Tattoo parlor, with you as the client. You had already removed all permanent markers. Right?!

• Let your kids read to yóú, en show them how to listen with your eyes closed.

• Meditate with your child: be sure not to snore!

• Play cinema-for-the-blind: put a dvd of the Teletubbies in the dvd-player, and watch with your eyes closed.

• Play hospital, with you as the patient that's in a coma. Be sure to remove all sharp knives, needles and thread, so your child won't operate on you.

• Play mountain climber, and you can be the mountain.

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  1. Haha I love it! We were just doing some of these the other night and my oldest got a knitting needle completely stuck in my hair. I'm not sure if she was doing my hair or pretending to perform brain surgery. Good times.

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