The perks of riding a bike: it's like riding a bike.

riding a bike

The Dutch are known for their love of bikes. They don't just ride a bike for sports! It's a form of transportation. One that's very much ingrained in the Dutch culture.

Grown-ups ride their bike to work, and children ride their bike to school. Usually without any protection or helmet! Bike helmets are considered as wimpy in the Netherlands...

The Dutch and their bikes

Shirly Agudo moved from the USA to the Netherlands. She wrote a book: The Dutch and their bikes! In this video Shirly talks about her fascination with the Dutch and their bikes!

Me and my bike!

I am one of those Dutch people who uses her bike to get from A to B. This is a picture of me on my bike:

riding a bike
This is me on my bike!

As you can see, in the front of my bike I've got a handy little basket, which I use to put my handbag in. And in the back I've got two big bicycle bags for everything I buy.

The perks of riding a bike!

Riding a bike is a cheap way of transportation. And it's very healthy! Here's a list of all the benefits of riding a bike.

1. Riding a bike is easy 

Once you've got the hang of it, riding a bike is easy. And once you know how, you'll never forget how to ride a bike! There's a reason people say: 'It's like riding a bike!' 

2. Riding a bike is easy to integrate into your life

Because a bike can get you from A to B it's an easy to integrate exercise into your life. If you have to go somewhere, why not take your bike? That way you'll kill two birds with one stone.

3. Riding a bike is a low impact sport

Riding a bike is a low impact sport. Unlike running, where your knees get a beating everytime your foot hits the ground. And if you're overweight, riding a bike is a great way to start shedding those first pounds.

4. Riding a bike is relaxing

Like any other form of exercise riding a bike reduces stress. 

5. Riding a bike is good for you brain!

Frequent exercise protects your brain from aging. And it makes your brain more flexible, which is great when you have to figure out how to get your kids to all their after school activities.

Summing up!

In short, riding a bike comes with many health benefits. For everyone, but especially for moms. And a healthy mom is a happy mom!

If you're interested, have a look at a Dutch shop selling bikes called They also sell mountainbikes!

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  1. It's such a good workout and great for the environment, not to mention saving money! Thanks for sharing at #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup!

  2. I cycle for exercise and not for transportation, and I agree with everything you said! I would love to be able to ride for transportation, but my city, Miami, is not bike friendly. Actually, it's considered on of the most dangerous cities for bikes and pedestrians (, so every time I get on my bike, I have to put aside the fear that I may not make it home. It's kind of sad because it's something I really love to do do, and my son loves riding in his trailer, but I cannot trust others to drive safely to ensure our safety.

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