Know your numbers: cholesterol 7.9

'Know your numbers!' isn't that what they say? So I decided to get to know my cholesterol number.

But now that we're acquainted, I can honestly say I don't like it very much. This is one test I would rather have a low score on. But I got a whopping 7.9. It seems that when they doled out 'genes for high cholesterol' I was first in line. Which is kind of a bummer, because usually I'm in the wrong line. You know the one: the one where the cashier is still learning how to work the cash register? Or the one where  there's an extreme couponer in front of you.

Anyway, once I knew my number, I kind of freaked out. I decided then and there that from here on out, no more chocolate Easter bunnies would pass my lips. I donated half of them to my kids, and  locked the other half away in our cellar. I like my chocolate nice and mushy, and the cellar is quite cold, so I knew they'ld be safe there. Then I started the slow proces of kicking my chocolate bunnies habit.

But every night at around six o'clock they hopped into my mind. Siting on the couch, nursing my cup of tea, I started to yearn for a piece of chocolate Easter bunny. I lasted two days. Then I snapped. But I didn't eat a chocolate Easter bunnie! No, because that would have been wrong. Instead on Monday I demolished all the little mars bars in our cookie jar. Tuesday I ate all the twix bars, and on Wednesday I ate all the little nuts bars until there were none.

Since I obviously can not be trusted around candy, I have now forbidden myself to refill our cookie jars. I've been on the wagon again since Thursday.

But I think that maybe having half a chocolate Easter bunny isn't so bad after all.
Not if the alternative is pigging out on candy bars...

Knowing your numbers isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

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  1. I must say I agree. I don't know my numbers. They keep changing them anyway. I take care of myself and hope for the best, bad numbers (that I don't know about) and all!

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