How much would you spend to save your pet?


Last week our cat seemed a bit off. He just wasn't his usual, I-only-care-about-me self. And he didn't want to eat, and seemed tired. When he started throwing up we decided to take him to the vet. Just to be sure.

That'll be 95 dollars!

When we got there, the vet examined him, gave him three shots and some medication. Total cost: 95 bucks. I'm not gonna lie: I was a bit taken aback. Because for 95 bucks our whole family can eat for a week.

But 95 dollars is nothing compared to the bill my sister got after she took her cat to the vet.  She went there because her cat's paw was hurting. The vet gave the cat some shots and then said he wanted to keep the cat overnight for observation.

When my sister came back to take the cat home he'd had an operation. He was good to go, but then the vet presented her with the bill: 999 dollars. My brother in law still can't talk about it without a lot of teeth grinding.

It made me think: would I be prepared to fork over 999 dollars to keep our cat alive? And if not, how much wóuld I be prepared to spend?

How much would you spend on a pet?

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  1. we actually spent about five thousand to save our dog...we all thought he was having seizures put him on medicine and did a brain scan...turns out he had throat no longer worked and was causing him pain. There was no cure and we had to end his suffering. In the end it added up five thousand, but it was nothing compared to what we lost...our furbaby....he will always be missed. #SITSBlogging

  2. I do not have a pet, so I am not sure how much I would be willing to spend. I know they become part of your family, and you would probably do anything to save them. We were just having this talk with my mom the other day, and for only $10 a month she can get pet insurance at her work for both dogs. She is now looking into it.

  3. That's really tough. I spent about $500 on my cat years ago, but I don't think I could set a maximum price until I'm in that situation.

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