6 reasons why I love my ebike


I finally gave in, and bought an ebike.

Even though there's nothing wrong with my regular bike.

It rides just fine.

But the ebike makes it so easy!

Here's 6 reasons why I love my ebike

6 reasons why I love my ebike

  1. Like I said: it makes biking easy! It's like I always have the wind in my back. I love it.
  2. It makes it so much easier to go into town. When I take the car there's always the problem of finding parking space. Not so with an ebike! I can just about put it anywhere and enjoy some shopping.
  3. It saves time. No matter how much I push myself on my regular bike, I don't think I could ever go so fast as with my ebike.
  4. I don't get sweaty! When I rode my regular bike into town, which is about 6 miles I would arrive like a Sweaty Betty. This is not the case with my ebike. I arrive smelling like roses : )
  5. I bought it second hand, so it wasn't all that expensive.
  6. Since we now have solar panels on our roof, I like to think that I'm riding my bike on sunshine : )

How do you feel about your bike?

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