It's been two years since our move to the country. And I stíll haven't got any curtains up! I've only got a piece of fabric on a string in my office. Every night we sit in our living room, feeling exposed like goldfish in their bowl. But I want to make sure I get it right.

Curtains really influence the feel of a room

Curtains can really make or break a room. For example: black curtains create a totally different atmosphere than Laura Ashley curtains. Black curtains will give a gothic feel, while Laura Ashley curtains send out a more romantic, gentle vibe. And once I've bought my curtains, it's not like I'll be changing them. Ever. Because I don't want to go through the process of picking curtains again! Also, we're on a budget.

What I want from my curtains

Luckily there's the internet, to look for ideas and inspiration! It's helped give me an idea of my likes and dislike. For instance, I do not want one of those ruffles at the top of the curtains. I want nice, clean lines. Also I know my limits: I won't be sewing my own curtains. I totally lack the sowing skills for that. So it will have to be ready made lined curtains. Yes, I want my curtains to be lined! Because I've read that lined curtains will help keep our home warm! So lined curtains may help with our heating bill.

I would love floral curtains, but I worry that they will make our living room feel too busy. Our living room usually looks like a toddler spilled all his crayons. So I think the wise thing to do is to go for neutral colors.

My criteria for curtains

So after two years I've decided I want my curtains to be:

  • Readymade
  • Lined
  • Elegant
  • Cheap
  • and have clean lines

Who knows, maybe in two years our living room finally will have curtains!

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