Moleskine or filofax A4: pros and cons and price comparison: update

Hi, I'm Nicole and I'm an Office Suppliesaholic.

It all started in high school, when I got all excited about whether I was going to use a binder or a note book. I couldn't sleep just thinking about all the options!

Now that I'm a mom of five, I still love my office supplies. And recently I found myself facing a Big Decision yet again:

Should I keep my Moleskine diary or should I go for a Filofax diary?

My Moleskine diary

I really like my Moleskine diary. It's almost A4 sized. And it's got the days of the week on the left, and on the right there's note paper! So it's great to keep track of all my appointments ánd I can jot down blogging ideas etc.

But it's almóst a size A4, and because it's a notebook I can't easily insert new stuff.

moleskine a4
My moleskine
My moleskine open

My Filofax diary A4

So I did some soul searching and I searched eBay for a bargain. And I decided to take the plunge! I would try the A4 sized Filofax diary.

It arrived this weekend, and at first I was a bit taken aback because of its size! A filofax diary A4 really is quite big. And heavy.

But it's a real size A4, and it came with two notepads which I could insert into the Filofax. That way I again have all the days of the week on one side, and room for notes on the right side.

filofax A4
My new, big Filofax A4

moleskine or filofax a4
Filofax A4, open. I've put notepaper on the left as you can see.

Let's compare prices

I bought my moleskine when it was on sale. I paid 15 USD for it. It starts on July the first of 2013, and ends on december 31st in 2014.
For my Filofax, which I bought on eBay I paid a whopping 102 dollars! For that I got the organizer and a one year diary starting in january 2014, ending on december 31st 2014. It also included two notepads and 6 tabs.
I'm going to have to use my Filofax for at least 8 years or something before it becomes a better buy than my moleskine!

Moleskine A4 pros and cons

  • You have to buy a new one every year and a half
  • You can't add any pages
  • It looks nice on a shelf when the year is over and you bought a new one
  • It's a cute notebook
  • It's a lot cheaper than Filofax
  • You can put it in your purse

Filofax A4 pros and cons

  • It's very heavy and big, so it's not a diary you're going to take with you
  • The price! It's very expensive
  • Where are you going to keep your old diary, once a new year starts?
  • It's very flexible!
  • It's got a whole lot of room for whatever you want to put in there
  • You buy the organizer once, and after that you only have to buy the diary pages

Moleskine or Filofax A4: the answer

Even though I still kind of miss my moleskine diary I think the Filofax diary is going to be better for me. Because it's more flexibile and it's bigger.
But it's size is also its biggest drawback. Because there's no way I'll be taking my A4 Filofax with me in my purse. Then again, my moleskine was a bit too big for that too, but at least with my moleskine I could have tried.
My A4 filofax is way too bulky to take with me. 
But as a way to keep track of my blogs and jot down blog ideas and notes, it's absolutely great.

So right now my answer to the question 'Moleskine of Filofax A4?' is: Filofax.

Update 3 years later: Can I change my answer?

I've changed my answer! Three years ago I wrote that the Filofax A4 was my planner of choice. But I only used it about a week after that. It turned out to be way too big and bulky.

So I've returned to Moleskine.

What kind of diary do you have?

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