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eating healthy

I'm not a very creative cook. I'm not one of those moms who can whip up a great meal from a mouldy peace of cheese, a forgotten onion and some pasta.

The best I can say about my cooking skills is that the food is indeed 'cooked'.

And having children hasn't helped my prowess in the kitchen. Because when I tried something new in the past, the kids were all:

'Yuck! Euw! I don't wanna eat that!' 

And during my shortlived vegetarian phase their reactions were even worse.

So in the end I just gave up. I settled for cooking dishes I was sure they would actually eat without too much hassle. Like spaghetti.

I offer my kids the rainbow!

But that doesn't mean I don't care about what I feed them. Because I do! I want my kids to eat healhty. So I strive to serve them the rainbow. A rainbow of colors. I read that by making sure you eat vegetables in as many colours as possible, you're automatically eating healthy.

I like that! It's nice and simple.

So when I do my grocery shopping I always make sure I buy:

  • Red, green and yellow peppers
  • Carrots because they're orange
  • Granny Smith apples because they're green
  • Blue grapes because they're blue


Read all about the specific nutrients of different colored vegetables and fruit at www.foodinsight.com.

Vegetables and fruit the easy way

Apart from eating the rainbow, I'm always interested in other ways to stay healthy. After all, I've only got one body. And I want it to last me a lifetime.

Which is why I found myself reading all about Uzuma Green Juice. They've gone and gathered all kinds of healthy fruits and vegetables and put them in a handy bottle. Because they 'slow juice' everything the food doesn't lose its vitamines and nutrients. And they don't add any artificial stuff, like preservatives, fragrances, colourings or flavourings.

Uzumu Green Juice is not a substitute for a cooked meal. But you can choose one of their programmes to give your body a break or a good clean up! They've even got a handy calculator to choose a programme that's best suited for you. You have to fill in your age, gender, weight and height.

I got this advice:

I like that they consider me 'in shape'!

You can do the test here. Please let me know what advice you got!

I also wrote Fun, healthy snacks for kids!

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