My granny used to say flowers were more trouble than they're worth. So she bought some nice plastic flowers and once a year she hosed them down. And then they were good to go again!

Flowers add a touch of nature

I used to think my granny had a point, but now I prefer real flowers! I love the way they bring a bit of nature into our home. Flowers can be expensive though. I usually buy them at our local supermarket where they cost about 4 bucks, though at the moment I'm too cheap to spend any money on flowers. But I'm happy to report I've found a great way to have flowers in our house without breaking the (piggy) bank.

The secret is to use a small vase

Just buy some really small vases! That way you get the look and feel of flowers, yet it doesn't have to cost much. Another perk of small vases is that you can recycle tired looking flowers by cutting them down to a smaller size. In a small vase they will look all perky again! And because the vase isn't very tall your floral arrangement won't obscure the view of the tv… My kids and husband tend to banish my lovingly placed bouquets to the window sill, because they want to watch television. But this little vase they leave alone!

Flowers for a small budget

So if you're strapped for cash, using a small vase can be a great way to add a touch of nature to your home.

In the picture you can see my little floral arrangement! I recycled two exhausting looking Gerbera's and added some twigs from our garden. Doesn't it look great? And it only cost me 75 cents for the vase. Every time I enter our living room the sight of my flowers pleases me!

Do you have flowers in your home?

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  1. Yes! I love real flowers. I love fresh cut Gladiolus, peonies and hydrangeas from my flower beds when they're ready but it takes little work getting the bugs off first. One of our local grocery stores has really pretty bouquets for around $4....tulips are another one of my favorites! Honestly, it cost less than my latte and it lasts for at least a week so I'm good with that!

  2. I attempt to have flowers in my house, real and fake, but my cats eat them unfortunately. I still have a half eaten fake flower arrangement left - it doesn't look so bad if you squint your eyes.

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