Nót an arts and crafts mom, are you?!

I'm not very crafty. In highschool even my teacher said it was as if my artwork was cursed. Just looking at it, made it fall apart.

So I envy of all those moms who create the most beautiful things. Like a princess bed for their daughter, or their own jewelry. Lately I stumbled upon the most beautiful birthday wreath, and I decided against my better judgement: 'I can do that!' And I set to work, but somehow it's not the way I had envisaged it…


But this is what it was supposed to look like!

Where did I go wrong?

Are a you an arts and crafts mom?

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  1. bahahahahaha. Is it okay that I'm laughing?

    For the record, I also saw the balloon wreath and thought "humph. easy. I can do this." And no, mine looked nothing like the way it is supposed to. I bet you could add more balloons and get it looking okay. But I got bored halfway through and quit. QUITTING IS FOR WINNERS.

  2. My Mom is amazing. She can create so many things. I got NONE of those genes. I can't craft anything. But that's ok, because that's energy I can focus on something that's a better use of my time! I used to fight it and really try to do crafts, but at a certain point you just have to accept that you are just not crafty, and that's ok!

  3. This is pretty funny! I have to say, I've been gifted in the art of crafts, but I can't say all my projects turned out great. Thanks for sharing and giving us all a good giggle. 🙂

  4. That's probably what mine would have looked like too...LOL! I'll bet you can make it look better just by adding more balloons...it's worth a try! Thanks so much for sharing with Share The Wealth Sunday!

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