A grisly find...


I was outside, minding my own business, trying to get some good shots with my Huawei smartphone of the dead flowers surrounding our front door. Because I wanted to take a picture to remind myself of the fact that those dead flowers will florish come Spring.

Anyway, there I was, taking pictures like there was no tomorrow, when suddenly  I saw it!

A grisly find

A dead mouse.

In the top one of the dead flowers.

It's small mouth permanently etched open in horror.

And I have absolutely no idea how it got there.

How did it get there?!

For a minute, I couldn't help but think of the dead horse's head in the bed in The Godfather. But then I remembered I don't have any mob connections, so it's probably not that.

So now there's this dead mouse at our front door.

I won't be able to go out that way, until my husband comes home and gets rid of the dead body...

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