Can a bag have too many pockets?

'It should have lots of handy pockets!'

That was my number one criterium while searching for a new bag. Finally I found what I thought was the perfect bag. It had the long shoulder strap I was looking for, but most of all: it had lots of pockets.

But lately there's been this question nagging me in the back of my mind:

'Can a bag have too many pockets?' 

Rummage and search

Because I'm constantly rummaging in my bag, searching through all those handy little pockets. Looking for my car keys, my wallet, my pen. You name it, I can't find it. And there's always that panicky moment when I think: 'Oh no! It's gone! I'm never ever going to find it again!'

Easy solution?

The solution seems simple enough. Just make sure you put the same thing in the same pocket every time! Pick a pocket for the car key, a pocket for your smartphone etc. And then stick to it. But somehow that doesn't seem to work. Because I just can't seem  to remember which pocket I picked for what. And even if I do, then I can't remember if that's where I put it.

How many pockets does my bag have anyway?

I decided to do a count of my bag's pockets.

  1. One big one
  2. One for my wallet
  3. One for my smartphone
  4. One big pocket
  5. Another big pocket on the front that closes with a zipper
  6. Two square pockets on the front
  7. One big pocket in the back of the bag

So that's a grand total of 7 pockets. Fair is fair, it's an efficient bag.

So the problem must be me. I'm an inefficient user....

How many pockets does your bag have?

And what do you think: can a bag have too many pockets?

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19 reacties

  1. Now this is a subject I can sink my teeth into. My bag has 5 pockets. It is not a problem for me because each one is designed for a different purpose. There is obviusly the one for the phone, and another for the change... But then there is one on the other side, could I not use that one for the money change? And what about the other one in the middle, the humongous one, is that a pocket or does it not qualify? Now you've got me in a conundrum.

  2. That's something I didn't think about. But, we really do assign each pocket a job, don't we. I love the picture on this Thanks so much for linking up at Together on Tuesdays 🙂

  3. I just looked over at the purse I am using right now and it has ONE big opening with ONE zippered pocket for a few things that I want to keep out of the way. So TWO! But then everything ends up at the bottom and I have to dig around for whatever I am looking for. I do have a cell phone magnetic-closure-handled-envelope that I have hooked around one of the that should could for a third pocket. I don't have to dig for that. Funny!!

  4. Ha! I had to go count. My bag has 8 pockets (if you count the main compartment. If not, then 7). I found two little outside pockets that I had never noticed before, and realized I've never used the outside front pocket. In my defense, it is a fairly new bag. And, like you, I still can't find anything :-).

  5. Squeal! Okay this post came totally at the right time for me. After searching since January for a purse that has the right amount of pockets and doesn't cause me to go blindly rummage through the grand abyss to find my keys, etc. I finally found one. One pocket in the back and three inside. One just for glass/sunglasses and one for my phone. It opens wide enough for met to actually see the bottom inside of the purse! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Watch for your feature on Monday xo

  6. That's even more pockets than my bag! I sympatize with you not being able to find anything. More pockets does nót make for an easier life. Who would have thought!

    I always figured more of a good thing must be better.

  7. I agree, it sure can! It's amazing how easily things get lost in a bag! I try to keep my pockets to about 3 or 4. When my bag tips over in the car sometimes, everything spills out of the pockets creating a mess! Thank you for sharing on the Small Victories Sunday Linkup!

  8. This post made me smile. I either have too many pockets or not enough, then my bag is either too big or too small. I have yet to find the perfect purse. Actually, I did find it once, then my dog ate it... Oh well, LOL. Thank you so much for sharing on the Sunshine Life Link Up!

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