Pink second hand Laura Ashley top

laura ashley

Since I woke up to the fact we should be careful with our planet, my love for second hand clothing has only grown. Because whenever I buy something used, I think to myself:

'This way I'm not contributing to the exploitation of natural resources.'

Because it was already made.

And hey, the fact that's second hand clothes are usually much cheaper is a great bonus.

Pink second hand Laura Ashley top

Anyway, I just bought this great pink top from Laura Ashley. I love Laura Ashley. I like their skirts, their tops. It's a romantic style, and I love that.

As you can see in the picture there's a nice shoulder puff, and because of the detail in the front there's the suggestion I'm more generously endowed in the front than I actually am ; )

I paid 10 British pounds for this top, which I think is a great price.

How do you feel about second hand clothes?

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