Thrifty shopping: Royal Albert cup and saucer!


Royal albert cup and saucer

Look what my youngest daughter found for me in a local thrift shop!

Two Royal Albert cups with saucers.

Royal Albert cups with saucers

Inside the cups are the name of the month: February and July.

Royal Albert July

Royal Albert February

Royal Albert july

Royal Albert February

I really like living with the seasons.

I'm looking forward to using these cups and saucers with my daily morning coffee : )

How much did they cost?

Even in a thrift store they were not cheap. They cost 4,75 euros which is about 5 USD per cup and saucer.

What do you use to drink your coffee or tea?

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  1. Wow, they look gorgeus. I love your site, you're a true inspiration. I always think that at your age I'll be already gone and then I see you guys still rolling up the hill and it makes my heart sing. So many beautiful ideas still ahead.

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