Crunching numbers during grocery shopping

When I'm smart I check how much there's in my bank account before I go grocery shopping.

But sometimes I'm dumb.

Crunching the numbers

And those times I find myself wondering how much I can spend. Those are the times I'm crunching numbers during my trip to the supermarket.

With every item I put into my cart, I add it to the total cost.

I suppose being dumb, forces me to be smart.

Do you crunch numbers during grocery shopping?

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  1. My family spends $120 a week on groceries. I look at all the sales in the area and what we need. Any money left after buying the milk and meat for the week is left for filler foods for my kids to snack on like chips, fruit snacks, and yogurt, ect for the kids for the week. I always have brown rice and potatoes to make the meals more filling in my pantry. I always do my money crunching with my grocery list before I even go to the store.

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