Best Flooring for Homes with Kids

Do you know the expression it's so clean, you could eat off the floor?

At our house you can too. Not because the floor is so clean, but because it's littered with lucky charms, old crusts and spilled juice. It really is a complete meal. When you have kids it's important to get the basics right. Like your floors. It's best to stay on firm footing!

So I proudly introduce to you, this post!

A home with children, regardless of age, is sure to experience a lot of activity. If you’re looking for the best flooring options to handle the wear and tear of active children, consider the following options:

Carpet provides excellent padding for crawlers and those unsteady toddlers taking their first steps. Soft Downs ® carpeting is an excellent choice for homes with children as it can help protect from bumps and bruises when baby takes a tumble. Darker colors are often the best choice, as they are often more stain-resistant and durable. A Downs® carpet is highly durable and designed to last.

Hardwood flooring is long lasting, beautiful, and easy to clean when your children spill, but hardwood doesn’t provide the padding that carpet does. Some hardwood flooring is often less durable than others, so scratching from heavy foot traffic is always a possibility. If you opt for hardwood, it’s best to consider purchasing an area rug to help protect both your children and your floor.

Whether choosing between hardwood or carpet, it’s best to assess the amount of traffic and activity you have in your home.  Doing your research before deciding on a choice is highly recommended. When you decide on quality and trusted brands like Downs® carpet, you can be sure you’ll be getting quality and dependability. To learn more about Downs® carpet or hardwood flooring options, visit Flooring America by clicking here to find your local store.

For me it's hardwood flooring all the way! My kids have the calluses on their knees to prove it.

What kind of flooring do you have?

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