Beware of my heart!

Motherhood has made me vulnerable. And since I've got five children my vulnerability is multiplied by 5. So whenever I hear the sound of an ambulance, or the phone rings at an odd time, I worry.

And when teacher call me and ask: 'Are you sitting down? I would like to talk to you for moment,' my legs go all wobbly. Because these phone calls are usually not to tell me something nice...

'Do you have a moment? I'ld like to have word.'

There was a time when I was walking my youngest son to his classroom, when suddenly his teacher popped up and said to me: 'Do you have a moment? I'ld like to have a word.'

Everything around me turned quiet, and I felt my whole life flash before me. There I was eating chocolate, there I was eating some more chocolate and there I was eating a chocolate Easter Bunny.

While I was enjoying my flashback the teacher worriedly put her hand on my arm, and said in reassuring tones: 'Don't worry! It's nothing serious. And even if it was serious, it would be alright.'

Okay, I'm ready.

So I took a series of deep breaths, and put my head between my knees for good measure. Then I looked up and said: 'Okay, tell me. I'm ready!'

'Well, I noticed your son pronounces the letter 'l' in a special way. That's all.'

Obviously my son is fine, but clearly I suffer from severe School Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

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  1. This was a good post for me to read. I was a teacher for 12 years and now I work at a university, teaching people to be teachers. New teachers are scared to death, but they need to remember that even the simplest, most innocent words can strike fear in a parent. I will caution them to approach situations gently. 🙂 Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home!


  2. Awwww hahaha, not a mom yet but I can totally imagine! I was a kindergarten teacher for the past 4 years, and whenever I had to call a mom I would be like, "Hi, Ms. so-and-so? This is your child's teacherdontworryeverythingisfine" ;P Hopefully nobody had too bad a heart attack on my watch...!

    Love how your flashback is a sequence of eating various chocolate hahahaha! I think mine is brushing my teeth. 😛 Sooooo much time spent brushing teeth over a lifetime...

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