Say bye, bye to your author picture...

google removes google authorship pictures
Dear Google, why did you remove my authorship

Did you jump through all the hoops to get your authorship picture in Google's search results?

You could have saved yourself the energy, because Google has removed all authorship pictures. Which kind of sucks if you ask me.

Authorship pictures caught the eye

I really liked the authorship pictures, and of course they made your blog stand out amongst all the other search results.

Before and after shots of search results after removing authorship picture


authorship picture
Before: with a nice pic!


After. Quite boring.

Check your search results

You can easily check how your blog looks in search results by using the Google Structures Data Tool. Just type in your url!

What has Google got to say for itself?

They have a good explanation: they wanted to do some decluttering! They wanted a new less-cluttered design.

So that's that then. Any housewife and mom can tell you that doing some decluttering is a good thing.

Did you have a Google Authorship picture?

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