Why do I need Facebook again?

I'm trying to get my head around the importance of social media, but to be frank: I'm struggling.

I just don't find it interesting to read tweets like: 'Just had my cup of coffee. It was gooood.' And although I realize Facebook is very important, I'm having difficulty understanding how to use it.

Because I have a blog.

And I want people to visit my blog. Not my Facebook page. And yes I do have one. After reading countless how-to-books about Facebook I dutifully created a Facebook fanpage especially for Momfever. And then I let it sit there, and gather dust. Because I don't know what to do with it, now that it's there. And it's making me feel guilty.

I want people to visit my blog, not Facebook

From what I understand, I can use Facebook to lure people into visiting my blog! Now thát I like. But how do I do this? Because since I'm publishing all my best efforts on my blog, there isn't much left to put on Facebook. Should I just put my blog posts on Facebook too? But then people won't have any reason to come to by blog anymore.

There is no funny twist to this post. I really am that dumb that I don't understand what's so great about Facebook. And I really wanna know what Facebook has to offer, when you already have a blog. And how to use it.

So please tell me!

I promise to like you!

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  1. I wish I had some great advice to explain it all, but I'm pretty sure I'm doing everything completely wrong. But, I figured I'd share anyway. I have both a personal Facebook page and a blog Facebook page. After I publish every post, I share them on each page. I get a good majority of readers through my personal Facebook page, not so much through my blog Facebook. I know I'm supposed to use Facebook to engage readers, but I really don't. I use Facebook to get my readers to new posts, and then interact from there.

    I know I'm doing it all wrong according to "Official Blogging Rules" but it works for me right now. If I need to change it in the future, then I will. I guess maybe that was my point for this long-winded explanation. Forget the "rules" and just do what works for you!

  2. I found this at http://blog.unionstreetmedia.com, while searching for the meaning of Facebook versus Blogs.

    'The purpose of a Facebook business page is to:

    Connect with old customers, new customers, potential customers, and colleagues;
    Share content that is both relevant and interesting;
    Engage your fans with contests, business news, and other engaging content;
    Keep fans in the loop on upcoming events, conferences, or anything where your company will have a presence.

    The purpose of a business blog is to:

    Display your expertise;
    Develop a depth of content that distinguishes your business;
    Bring readers up-to-date with the latest industry information;
    Keep momentum going in the search engines for important keywords and topics.'

  3. I see, but the thing is: can't I build a community on my blog?! Why can't I just build it right here?

    I am going to use your advice though! Thanks.

    I dropped by your blog, liked you, and visited your Facebook page.

  4. I think Fb page is to create engagement with readers, more so than just trying to promote your blog. Building a community so that they are more likely to interact and want to get to know you more through your blog. I usually post other stuff than blog posts too like craft or home ideas I want to try. It's a chance to show your personality off the blog I reckon 🙂

    Leave me a message if u drop by my page 😉

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