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  1. This is an absolutely adorable idea ( and you had me at kid friendly AND pet friendly lol ) I have a tiny little black lab mix runt that could chew through anything. Pinning this to try with my kids later, I really think they will enjoy it.

    Thanks for the inspiration, and have a wonderful holiday 🙂

  2. they are adorable!
    they remind me of ones my mom and I made (although much prettier) when I was a child. I still have one or two left that are on my tree today. It would be great to have new ones for my own kids.

  3. We have a collection of similar felt ornaments for the bottom of our tree too. I bought them out of practicality, but I have since fallen in love with them.

    Oh, and yes, you get credit for choosing them with your own two hands. Absolutely!

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