Western boots with little flowers

I'm a sucker for floral prints. I just can't help myself. Recently I even found myself eyeing a floral iPad cover. And I don't even háve an iPad.

Once I realized flowers are my weak spot, I've been telling myself: 'You don't really like those gardening gloves/ dustpans/bags etc. You only like them because of the flowers!'

But every now and again something slips through. Like these absolutely lovely boots. They combine two things I love: western look and a floral design.

So how could I resist these:

Aren't they great?! I'm so glad I bought them.

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  1. Yes!!! I have a pair of cowboy boots that I've had for about 7 years that I bought for a costume and I wear them every now and then. I bought some oil-based markers to decorate them and I still haven't decided how to do it. Yours are very cute!!! LOVE them! Great purchase. I'll blog if I ever get mine decorated. Have a great weekend!

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