Why I like to receive my visitors in our kitchen: 4 reasons


When a friend comes over to my home for a cup of coffee or tea and a chat, I always make sure my house looks welcoming.

I make sure everything looks nice, and inviting.

Why I like to receive my visitors in our kitchen

I like to receive my visitors in our kitchen. These are the 4 reasons why:
  1. The kitchen kind of takes the edge off. It feels more relaxing to me.
  2. I like our kitchen.
  3. I like to sit at a kitchen table when I talk to people.
  4. It feels homely.

Having people over during Summer

When the weather is beautiful I receive my visitors in our garden:

I bought my garden furniture in a local thrift store. I like to think it looks great because of the vinyl tablecloth and the cushions!

Where do you receive your visitors?

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  1. We do not have a table in our kitchen, but I do admit, I like to sit in our dining room when folks come for a visit. Sitting at the table is inviting to me as well. Love your thrifted table, that tablecloth makes everything pop!

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