Waving my way through motherhood


My son Piet (6) has set his sights on a waveboard, which is a bit like a skateboard, only much more difficult.

We'll rent one first

'We'll go and rent one first,' I told him 'cause I'm frugal that way.
'But it's probably not for rent mommy,' Piet whined.
'Well that would be your bad luck,' I said sympathetically, serving my understanding with a big dose of harsh reality. Just like the experts always tell you to do.

Paid 1 dollar, saved 124 dollars

Off we went to rent a waveboard, which of course just happened to be rented to someone else, five minutes before we came in.
'Mommy will pay one dollar so they'll hold if for us when it comes back,' I offered generously. And in my mind I calculated I had saved myself about a 124 dollars, because these things cost about 125.

'Did they call yet mommy?'

But now, not a day goes by that Piet doesn't plaintively ask: 'Did they call yet mommy? Has my waveboard arrived yet?'
And in a shop down the street I saw this lovely waveboard with Spongebob on it, and it only cost 40 dollars!

I won't succum!

But I won't succumb!
I will be consistent and keep it steady.

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  1. stopping by from ff. its only a matter of time before my son starts asking for one, where praytell can you rent them? i also wanna know what lego set the mona lisa is in?

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