How nót to survive Summer Vacation

  1. Consider the fact that your kids are free, to mean that yóú are free too. So no more doing the laundry, or the dishes and stuff. After all: it's yóúr vacation too!
  2. Silently expect your husband to pick up your slack. After all, if he really loves you he should know what you need from him.
  3. Invite all the neighbourkids for a pool party. Next to the sandbox. Then invite them into the house.
  4. Be spontaneous! Go on a trip on the spur of the moment. Just pile those kids into the car and drive off into the sunset. No boring packing, or preparing in advance. Who needs baby wipes or juice during a long trip.
  5. Parenting is hard work, so ease up on the rules, like 'Pick up after yourself,' and 'Don't hit your brother for looking at you 'funny'.
  6. Since the kids don't have to be in school early the next day, there's no need for bedtime. Just let them run wild all evening thereby ensuring you are never, éver, a moment alone.
  7. Get the kids lots of cheap squirt guns. They break easily so make sure you have a big stockpile, so when they inevitably break, your kids don't have to stop squirting!
  8. When you're done with being spontaneous, overschedule! Plan at least three outings per day, preferably during tropical temperatures.
  9. Go to Disney World during rush hour.
  10. Don't take any time for yourself. After all, there's no need! Because thís is your Summer Vacation too!

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11 reacties

  1. Soooo true! I feel some of these things actually happening and I'm struggling to stay on course with rules and schedules! Our worst offender is having nothing planned ALL DAY. Turns out that's no good for anyone! Thanks for a fun post!

  2. When there's absolutely nothing planned in a day, it can stretch before you like a desert with no lemonade stand in sight. It's a fine balance between relaxing and flying up the walls.

  3. Oh yes, I have done all these things in one way or the other and imagine my surprise when they don't work out!! Summer really is a land mine of parenting mistakes and I truly hope I can survive a whole summer of hearing "can we go swimming today" during a thunderstorm!! Thanks for making me chuckle today, I needed it!!

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