The joy of swinging on a swing

The joy of swinging on a swing

I've been dreaming of having my own swing for a long time. I miss the joy of swinging I had as a child. That feeling of freedom, as you soar into the sky leaving all your wordly troubles behind you. If only for just a few moments.

Swinging is like soaring to freedom.

Swinging is a way to became weightless for a while. To defy gravity and all that goes with it. As you push forwards you can feel yourself going moving into the space before you. In a perfect arc with effortless grace. And then you swing backward again.

There's something soothing about the rise and fall of swinging.

Benefits of swinging

Apart from the simple joy of swinging there are also practical reasons to push yourself on a swing.

  1. An hour of swinging burns 200 calories.
  2. The rythm of swinging has a calming effect. So when you're stressed out, swinging will soothe your frayed nerves.
  3. It's good for your coordination.
  4. 15 minutes on a swing will leave you energised and feeling more optimistic.
  5. Swings are great places to have a good talk. Just was romantic comedies and Korean dramas!
  6. You can use swings for a full body work-out.
  7. Swinging is good for your muscle strenght. Every time you push yourself forward you engage the muscles in your core!
  8. The motion of swinging stimulates the cerebral cortex. That's the part of our brain that helps us focus. So swinging benefits our concentration skills.

You could be swinging on a star

Bing Crosby sang about the joy of swinging in his song You could be swinging on a star. And even though chances of us swinging on a star are kind of small, we cán swing!


The joy of swinging: summing up

Swinging is good for your body and your soul. So permit yourself the joy of swinging! I'm certainly going to enjoy my time on my new swing.

I've already got the swing set!

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