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'The kids go back to school tomorrow...'

'I know! Isn't it awful?! I didn't sleep at all tonight.
'I'm soo dreading it. These months have just flówn by. That's what you get when you're enjoying yourself thís much: time just flies.

We built the Eiffeltower from old newspapers

'Oh, I had such a great time. We built the Eiffeltower from old newspapers, and when we finished we all went out to do some gardening. I physically had to drag the kids into the house, they wanted to go on and on!'

'We played Monopoly all day, and we made it ourselves! From an old carton of milk, and we made our own figures from clay.'

Not if I beat you to it!

'Such a shame, summer vacation is over already...'
'Yes, let's just hope there'll be a whole lot of unexpected school days off!'
'Well, I'll be sure to volunteer as a class mom, bake-a-cookie-mom, traffic mom, just-drop-by-mom! so I can enjoy my kids some more.'
'Not if I beat you to it!'

Are you enjoying yourself yet?!

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  1. I remember playing a game of Monopoly with a friend that lasted all summer...we kept slipping each other money to try and end the game but failed miserably! I hope you enjoy your after-school days just as much #justanotherlinky

  2. Oh so funny and so true! I find myself saying all sorts of things that actually I don't believe but somehow if I said what I wanted it just wouldn't be socially acceptable!! #justanotherlinky

  3. Yes! I have known myself to say something because it's socially acceptable, as opposed to just saying what I really think. I always find that when I say what I really think or believe, I'm much better off though :shrugs: 🙂

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