Being there

After she has made us contort our bodies in every possible direction, my yoga teacher always whispers some calming words and finishes the lesson by saying solemnly: 'Just bé.'

And as I was spending time with my kids, contorting myself in every direction as a mom, trying to do the best I could, I realized that 'just being there' is the essence of motherhood to me. Being there when they need me.

But that's hard, isn't it?! Because you never know when that will be. You can be available for hours on end, but then they don't need you. And just when you decide to do something yóu want to do you hear that familiar cry: 'Mommyyyyy!'

Yet, there is nothing more real than 'just being there'.
As a mom, and as a person.

And I hope that when I'm dead I'll be able to say: 'I really was!'

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  1. My children are adults now and when young moms ask me today about how to be a good mother, I say the same thing, "just be there." It isn't always convenient, it isn't always in our timeframe. The most important thing is that our children know we are present for them, no matter when. I still am "there" for them even now. Found your inspiring post on My Favorite Things. Have a great Saturday!

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