Sex education, also known as the Birds and the Bees

sex education

Did I tell my kids about the birds and the bees?

'Now did I, or did I nót, tell the kids all about the birds and the bees?' I often wonder. But because my kids ask a lot of questions, usually when I'm trying to enjoy my meal, I decide: 'I'm sure I did!'

I think I did....

Instead of overwhelming them with a big powerpoint presentation, I offer my kids sexual education, the way I do most things: in between running around, and doing chores. And isn't that the most natural way to do it? That way I won't make a big thing of it, but they're well educated anyway.

Helpful video

Nevertheless, all help is welcome, so I was much obliged by this practical video! In one swell swoop it offers a solution for all those unpleasant side effects of having sexual relations, like STD's and teen pregnancies.

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  1. Hi everybody,

    thanks for your comments which I love. I visited you all back, and left comments whenever I could.

    Rachel Joy, your profile is 'protected' so I couldn't visit your website.

  2. I had to check. . . it's a real website. Gotta love that they're teaching abstinence. Wow, I'm so not ready for all of that. I have a good couple years before I have to deal with that. I hope. Thanks for stopping by the S&R weekend hop!

  3. Just found you through Bee Friendly Friday.

    This was absolutely hilarious! Now if only this would work on some adults who would be smart to keep their pants on. *sigh*. Thanks for sharing!

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