Mousepad or oriental rug?

Persian rug with mousepad ambitions

New mouse pad

I bought a new mouse pad! I saw it at the store for about 3 bucks. It looks like an oriental rug, except it isn't. It's a mouse pad. I loved it so much I just had to buy it.

It's like ploughing through the snow : (

When I got home I ripped it out of the packaging, and put my mouse on it. Unfortunately it didn't just lóók like an oriental rug. It also had the texture of an oriental rug. It was like pushing my mouse through a mountain of snow.

What to do now

It would have been so cool to have an oriental rug for a mouse pad.
So now I'm busy, thinking of ways to still get my money's worth out of my oriental rug.
This is what I've come up with so far:

  • Use it as a rug. Except no one would see it lying beneath the coffee table, it's so small.
  • Use it as a table cloth
  • Use it to put hot pans on
  • Use it as a painting

Right now it's languishing on my desk. As it should be! Shame on it, for pretending to be a mouse pad.

The solution

For a long time my oriental rug/mouse pad lay there, languishing on my desk.  Shame on it, for pretending to be a mouse pad.

But then I found a solution! All I needed was a new mouse : ) Now the oriental rug is working fine as a mouse pad.

What does your mouse pad look like?

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