Mommy Maths during Summer Vacation

Let's say, each of my five kids leaves the living room one time per hour.

That would mean the living room door opening, and nót closing behind them, every twelve minutes. Which means me screaming: 'Close the &;%$# door behind you!' five times an hour.

But of course my kids don't leave the living room once an hour. They 'wanna do something' at least fifteen times an hour.

This means that every four minutes one of my children opens the door leaving it, of course, wide open. Multiply this by five kids, and you've got a door opening every 40 seconds, and a stressed out mom with a headache.

The good news is however, that there's a lot of interest from the government to hire my children as a modern torture device!

President Obama is very impressed by my numbers!

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  1. See the kiddos came in the door and interuppted my comment. As I was saying my living room temp is at least 5 degrees warmer then the rest of the house. Have a good weekend.

  2. Love your blog! I’m stopping by from Hop Along Friday and following on GFC, Facebook, and Networked Blogs. I hope you’ll drop by my blog and follow back.

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