Kids... what do they want?

kids what do they want


They're a lot like a box of chocolates. Like Forrest Gump said: 

'You never know what you're gonna get.'

Even though I would like to be That Mom who always gets it right. I usually get it quite wrong...

Bowling or McDonalds

In our family we have instituted the tradition that the birthday boy or girl can choose a nice outing:

  1. a trip to McDonalds
  2. bowling

McDonalds always beats bowling hands down. The children always choose McDodalds. So when I asked my son Ot what he wanted to do on his ninth birtday, I was already contemplating that all important question:

'Shall I have one or two Big Macs?'


So when he said: 'I wanna go to the movies,' I was kinda taken aback!

Still reeling from shock over the loss of my two Big Macs I asked: 'And would you like to have pizza or pasta for dinner?'

'French fries!' he decided

'And for dessert you can have ice cream,' I promised, feeling generous.

'I'ld rather have cake,' he said.

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  1. LOL leave it to kids to throw a wrench in your plans! Sounds like something my two would do just to keep me on my toes! HA! Stopping by from Friday Follow to say hello. Have a great day and a great weekend! Big hugs! :o)

  2. Right now I am the one who plans all the birthday parties in my family. I'll be glad when one day, I can get away with a trip to the movies. I think I might start implementing the "you choose" tradition this year! My kids would probably still choose something that takes a lot of effort from me.

    Following you from Follow Friday.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. this! My kids do this kind of thing all the time! Just when I think that I know what they want, they completely surprise me! Thanks so much for the laugh and for sharing with us at Share The Wealth Sunday!

  4. haha, I love it when kids know what they want better than you. My kids have shocked me in the past with requests, my daughter went for pizza on her birthday for many years until she suddenly decided that she wanted to go bowling instead. #Pocolo

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