Is Facebook hijacking your blog comments?

I've got several blogs.

One of them is about running.

And the strangest thing is happening: people read about my post on the Facebookpage. They click on it, and read the whole post on my blog. And thén they go báck to Facebook to leave a comment! Can you believe it?!

I just don't get it. Why go through all that trouble?

I want comments on my blog. Not on Facebook!

And I'm totally bummed out, because I would like the comments to appear on my own turf: my blog! Comments can be a great addition to a blog post. Sometimes visitors offer great information or share interesting stuff.

Besides, I ówn my blog.

Can anyone relate to this? Do your visitors leave their comments to your blog posts on Facebook instead of on your blog?

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  1. There is a lot of problem commenting on blogs, particularly Blogspot and Blogger due to Google not wanting to play nice with its competitors. Many blogs I try to comment on will not take the comment, it just disappears when the publish button is hit. See this post (not my site, cannot put both on this comment) for some eye opening information-

  2. Good point Lisa: liking a post requires a lot less effort than writing a comment. But it does kind of suck as a blogger!

    I use Facebook as portal to my blog too. At least I try too. It's not working all that well. Your idea to treat it as a separate entity sounds good to me. But I'm not very good with Facebook, so I'm probably the wrong person to ask.

    And now I'm heading over to your blog to leave a comment : )

  3. Fantastic discussion point here!

    I've been trying a blogging experiment on commenting and it is tough.

    I have a new(ish) blog and I too would like visitors to be part of it - to build a community. I'd then be able to use visitor insights to make my site more relevant to them.

    I've got bugger all traffic anywhere incl social media but I find that people will Like the post preview almost as if it's a pat on the back for writing a post, rather than going to the blog itself and interacting there.

    I suppose it's a reflection of the different levels of effort it takes - a one click indication of support (on FB) is to be fair, a heck of a lot easier than commenting. I'm going to research different likes/hearts etc to put on my blog I think to see if that makes a difference!

    I also don't use FB particularly well, I want it to be a portal to my blog but I probably need to treat it as a separate entity with a separate audience? What do you reckon?

  4. Wow, Facebook has made so many changes recently it makes my head spin. I don't understand why they are cutting out content creators like bloggers, unless they have a death wish. I commented here and will continue to do so 🙂

  5. Yes, all the time. With my blog being a DIY heavy blog I also share some projects on other home decorating sites. I give a teaser of the project and then my link. They comment on pictures that were only on my blog at the decorating site. I feel the same way as you. I want my readers (I know they are out there, I can see the numbers) to be a part of the conversations. Give me their insight. Have us be collaborative together. My hope is that as time goes on people will become more into my blog instead of other outlets. At least they are getting the information :/

  6. Hi! I can totally relate to that. While I rarely get comments and I assume it's because it's a new blog, the most interaction I get is on Facebook. I know a lot people are linking to my blog from Facebook but it's like they don't realize I want that interaction, preferably on my actual blog, not just Facebook. It's funny, I was just thinking about this same thing the other day! Great post.

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