Free Blogger templates for mom bloggers

Free Blogger templates

There are two types of free Blogger templates
  1. Templates: you get a whole new look for you blog in an instance. Including a different layout
  2. Backgrounds: your blog layout stays the same. You put some html code in a Blogger gadget, and then you get a different background.

Why is a template so important?

A blog template is very important. It defines your blog. When people visit your homepage, your blog template will play a big part in what they'll think about your blog. It's what determines the first impression.

So it's very important to get rid of the generic Blogger template as soon as possible. Because it simply screams: 'I'm a newbie!'

Luckily there are lots of free Blogger templates out there. And I'm going to share some with you!

Links to free Blogger Templates

Loving Life Designs
Simple Blogge Templates with a dash of colour

Cute and cool freebies
Vintage look background and headers

Babbling Brooke Designs
Simple backgrounds

Gisele Jacquenod
Older Blogger templates.

Templates by Tenille
Colorful backgrounds. Floral and stars.

Blog Designs by Dani

LeeLou Blog Designs
Lots of choice!

Soft pastel colors.

Cutest Blog on the Block
Very wellknown backgrounds and template. Lots of choice, but not all that unique.

Candy's Free Designer Templates
A bit different

Free Layouts
Dutch free background

Free blog templates for all kinds of bloggers

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