Environmental friendly little bag

I like to do my bit to make the world a better and cleaner place.

So I often buy one of those little nylon bags, that fold into themselves. They're meant to be carried around in your purse, so you always have a carrier bag with you for unexpected groceries and stuff. That way you don't need to accept a single-use plastic bag.

Cotton bag

But like socks, I always seem to loose these little bags. And then I'm back to accepting plastic bags in shops. But this week I found the cutest little cotton bag for only 2 USD. It's got a sweet floral print. And the best thing about it is that the bag you can stuff the bag into, is attached to the bag. So you can't lose it!

I've already put my little cotton bag to good use, putting my library books in it.

I really like my little cotton bag. It's small enough to fit into my shoulder bag, it's cute and it's enviromentally friendly!

Do you accept single-use plastic bags in stores?

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