GDPR: too much of a good thing + avalanche of emails about privacy


On May 25th the General Data Protection Regulation went into affect.

Avalanche of email about privacy 

And it has led to an avalanche of messages about privacy in my mailbox.

Companies, bloggers and just about everyone and their mother is sending out email telling me they've updated their privacy policy.

It's not their fault, I know. They're only doing what they háve to according to the European law.

But it's annoying.

I don't even read emails about privacy anymore

I don't even read these emails anymore. I just throw them in my virtual trash can without opening them. Sure this may cost me newsletters, but I'll worry about that when I start missing them.

Besides, who wants to read a privacy policy? I sure don't. They're usually very complicated, not to mention boring. If I wanted to read legal stuff I would have become a lawyer.

Besides, I know I should be a could citizen and read all that stuff, but who has the time?

GDPR: too much of a good thing

Even though I think the idea of protecting our privacy is great, I think the GDPR is too much of a good thing. I feel for all those bloggers who just want to share their story or their arts and crafts and are now forced to write inexplicable privacy policies. And who's even going to read them?

I'm sure not.

Anyway, since it's the law, I myself created a privacy page on Momfever too. I used to do it, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart, for offering this great tool to write something no one is going to want to read.

How do you feel about the GDPR?

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