Furniture from crates: a book case!

My eldest daughter longed for a new book case. So she build one herself from old fruit crates! Furniture from crates is cheap ánd it's easy! Gotta love that. Especially if you've got two left hands, like me.

She was in luck, because my father in law had 12  fruit crates lying around the house. And he gave them to her.

Furniture from crates: a book case

And this is what she created from them:

fruit crates book case
12 fruitcases = 1 bookcase!

Other furniture from crates ideas

There's lots more you can do with fruit crates. Here's a list of idea!

  • You can use fruit crates to create a desk. Use the crates as the legs and put a shelf on top. The crates provide you with useful storage space at the same time!
  • Add some wheels to the crates, and your kids have their own 'car'
  • Turn them into a sidetable
  • Turn a crate upside down and use it as a nightstand
  • Hang a crate on the wall, and you've got a beautiful display cabinet
  • Use them for plants
  • Turn them into a toybox for the kids
  • Put a blanket into a fruit crate and your cat will love it
Do you have more ideas about how to create furniture from crates?

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