Double standards


We were sitting in an empty classroom. My husband, our eldest son and me. We were waiting for the final results of his exams.

Go and socialize!

In the other class rooms I saw students having fun, and talking busily. While outside the parents were having what seemed to be very animated conversations. So I said to my son:

'Jan, why don't you go have fun with the other students, instead of sitting in an empty classrom with your parents!'

'I'm fine right here,' he shrugged.
'Oh come on,' I tried again. 'It'll be fun!' because I think socializing is very important!
My son pretended he didn't hear me.

Stupid husband!

Suddenly my husband piped up.

'Honey? Why don't you go and talk outside with the other parents! It'll be fun!'

So I took a leaf out of my son's book.

I pretended I had suddenly gone deaf.

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