A matter of perspective

Tomorrow my fourteen year old daughter will be heading for the German city of Trier for a school field trip.

Even though it's a supposed to be a cultural trip, they'll also be climbing trees or something. Because you know, that's Fun. We even had to sign a scary paper giving our daughter permission to risk life and limb.

So now not only am I worried about the bus driver dozing off, I'm also worried about my daughter climbing trees. So I poured out my heart to my younger sister. She offered a simple solution to my worries: 'Just don't go there!'

For a minute I was struck dumb. It's so simple, yet so effective. The next time my toughts want to go to the Land of Worry I'll just ell them: 'You can't go there!'

As I was reading the information about the trip, I saw this scary picture of a person climbing a mountain.
And suddenly I realized it's all a matter of perspective.

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