Don't go thrift store shopping with your hubby

thrift store shopping

Yesterday I was trying to do some thrifty shopping in a local thrift store. And I spotted the most beautiful little garden bench. Admittedly, the price wasn't all that thrifty because it cost a whopping 194 USD, but it was love at first sight.


Unfortunately I had my first love with me, and he vetoed the lovely bench on account of it being 'too expensive'… So now we're back home, and all I can do is look at its picture and sigh with longing because I just know deep in my heart of hearts that we were meant for each other.

Here's my lesson!

So let this be a lesson to you all: don't take your love with you to the local thrift store, because his love will put the kibosh on any new love.

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  1. The bench is a keeper! Too bad your love at first sight was with you at the time 🙂
    I never take my 'love of my life' with me shopping...NEVER! Lesson learned a long time ago 🙂 Found you at SITS sharefest! Great post! 🙂

  2. I understand. Although, its usually because what I want won't fit in the car and I can't convince him to get the trailer to pick it up. I do have to credit my other half for introducing me to thrift store shopping though, so I can't complain too much.
    I want to see the picture of the bench!!
    🙂 gwingal

  3. I do love this story I guess it was almost predictable what was going to happen 🙁 He may change his mind later when you bat your eye lashes at him.

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  4. Lol, great story and a lesson that we all learn at some point. Ask hubby what he thinks a reasonable price would be. Maybe just maybe you can talk the seller down. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best Linkup.

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