Childhood books and how to get your kids to read

I'm a reader!

I always have been.

My childhood favorite: The Famous Five

Ever since I was a child I have loved books. During one summer vacation I read all the books from Enid Blython's Famous Five series. I loved their adventures ánd their dog Timmy.

Nót helicopter parents

Although, now that I'm a mom, I do wonder: 'Where were there parents?! Didn't they care their kids did all kinds of dangerous things?!' The parents of the Famous Five obviously were NOT helicopter parents

Nor were the parents of Enid Blython other fictional characters: Pat and Ann. They just put their two daughters in boarding school. For a while there, I longed to go to boarding school because Enid Blython made it sound like so much fun! I wanted to eat sardines in the middle of the night too!

My kíds favourite: their Playstation….

I grew up, and became a mom. When my kids were little I used to read to them all the time. I was hoping to plant the seed of love for books. Unfortunately it fell on hollow ground! Although my two daughters do read, my three sons say reading is Stupid and Boring.

My back up plan: play to their vanity!

But I've got a back up plan! For his next birthday I'm going to give my youngest son a personalized book! A personalized book is a book where your name is on the cover, and you are the main character. You are the heart of the story. To say such a book is boring, would be like saying you are boring!

I've found a website called Chronicle Books that gives me full control over the creative process and caters to every child and age range. It was lovely to see personalized kids books.

I may even order one for my husband. Featuring him as a Ryan Gosling lookalike!

Now thát's a bedtime story I would love to read.

What's your favourite childhood read?

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  1. I love to read too, although it hasn't always been the case. I love to give books as gifts too. Personalized books are so great for kids. They love them. Thank you for linking up to Tips and Tricks.

  2. Now there's a strategy!! I've always been a fan of reading--starting with the Dr. Seuss classics and working my way up from there! 🙂 But to this day my brother will only read if it's absolutely required for one of his college classes--and he's an engineering student so not a lot of literature there. I think some people will always take to reading more than others, but it's definitely good for you!

  3. I love the illustrations on that book. I like Lain Smith's books: Stinky Cheese Man, The Math Curse, and more. Then I like Little House on the Prairie. When I read them I think about the show.

  4. I am a reader as well, and I have been since I was little.My father always encouraged reading, and I am so glad he did! I think all parents should encourage their kids to read so they can develop a love for the written word. Also, great gift idea! personalized books mean so much and make great keepsakes for the kids once they are grown!

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