Wearing your bra to bed?

During the day I always support my girls with a bra. But when it's nighttime, the bra goes! My girls love to be set free.

So imagine my surprise when my two daughters refused to go to bed without their little bras! They tell me it feels better to keep it on. Then I even read somewhere that wearing your bra to bed, is the secret to fabulous boobs. Apparently Marilyn Monroe never slept without one.

Be that as it may, I still prefer to sleep without my bra!

Do you wear your bra to bed?
Why? Or why not?

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  1. Hi, got your request and came over and followed your blog thru GFC, FB and Twitter. Glad to have you aboard. I love it when I can find Georgia bloggers! I will put you on my favorites in the blog section. I would love a follow back also on all three if you don't mind. Thanks and have a great week!


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