Top tips for a gluten free kids party

For the longest time I did nót know what gluten were. In fact I thought people meant glútes. You know, the muscles?

Then I found out gluten are actually a protein composite. Something you find in wheat and related grains. Unfortunately some people have a bad reaction to gluten. Like abdominal bloating, gas, diarrhea, vomiting to migraine headaches and joint pain.

And since there's no cure, the only solution is a lifelong gluten free diet.

So how do you throw a great kids party, if some of the guests can't have anything with gluten in it? Here are some great tips!

Top tips for a gluten free kids party 

Cooking is a creative process. But cooking for kids isn't always easy. Kids can be picky. And it's even harder if your child has an allergy to gluten. But don’t worry! Even for children's parties you can have something special and healthy. For example, gluten free crisps and much more.

A healthier life for the whole family

When you start preparing healthy food without hidden gluten, you might find that the restrictions are actually very useful. Your family will start to lead a healthier life. Because you’ll be avoiding processed foods, which usually contain hidden gluten.

And luckily here are no restrictions in consuming meat, fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables and most of the dairy products, but only under the condition that you cook them yourself. You can find gluten free products at some pharmacies and in supermarkets.

But if you want lots of choice get yourself to a specialty store!

You'll find things like:

  • various types of gluten free flour mixes, 
  • pasta, 
  • chocolates, 
  • crisps, 
  • candy bars, 
  • cookies, 
  • cupcakes, 
  • ice cream, 
  • sausages, 
  • mayonnaise 
  • and many other types of gluten free finished products

Gluten free food for kids party 

Soup is probably the easiest healthy option for every kid. To cook a nice soup puree you only need two or three basic ingredients and a blender.

But what about bread, snacks and delicious pastries? How to explain to your child that this delicious-looking cake is a great danger to his body? There is a way out! Nowadays there's a large number of recipes for baking gluten free bread. They're easy to bake in the bread machine.

Is it true that a child who is allergic to gluten is completely deprived of sweets?

Good news: the answer is no! There are many recipes that let you vary the menu for your child. In particular, children will enjoy gluten free crisps, cottage cheese biscuits, gluten-free sweet biscuits, etc.

As for the main dessert, you can bake an original cake with apple and banana pieces. Bon appétit, and let your children have a healthy party!

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  1. I found doing little stick kebabs of fruit works really well and look very pretty. I have not baked a gluten free cake yet, but there is a first time for everything. #FeatureFriday

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