Mom Power versus Dad Power

My husband's parenting powers lack a certain shall we say, prowess? When he shouts: 'Okay kids, time for bed!' they pay him no heed. And when he orders them to clean up their room, they vanish into thin air.

Mom Power: use it sparingly

I usually pretend I don't see. Because how else is he gonna learn? But every now and then I take pity on him, and use my Mom Powers to help him.

I give the kids The Look, which has them scurrying around, looking for ways to please me. But Mom Power should not be used often,. And only if you really, really need to. Otherwise it loses its power.

May the force be with you

I have this morning ritual: I go and stand in front of the mirror and look myself right in the eye, and then I solemnly declare:

'May the force be with you today!'

And then I give myself a grateful nod, thankful for my Mom Power.

Helping my husband

Since I'm a lovely person, I have decided to come to hubby's rescue. So I bought him a big, black bucket to put on his head when he wants to do some parenting.

Perhaps when he looks like Darth Vader, the kids will actually listen to him.

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  1. It's a bit the other way round in our house. Dad says "do you have to do that?" which is not especially hard to crack dad code for "stop it" and people stop what they were doing! It's like some sort of magic!
    Mine are all late teens/early 20's now though, when they were little I had a great Look but I've not really needed it in years now.

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