Hi I'm Nicole, and I'm a Ugg-aholic

For reasons unknown to me, I suddenly got it into my head I should wear more elegant footwear. So I kicked my beloved Uggs to the curb, and put on some spiffy cowboy boots. Then I went to look at myself in the mirror, and I saw that it was good.

Looking good, but....

So there I was, looking all elegant and sophisticated and cowboygirlish, when I noticed something: my toes were cold. They were in fact sending frantic requests for a St.Bernard dog with one of those handy whisky flasks around its neck. And I was wearing socks and everything.

Why am I doing this?!

It was then that I asked myself: 'Why?! Why am I not wearing my comfy, and warm Uggs?'
And no answer came, because there wasn't one. There ís no good reason not to be warm and comfy, in a pair of Uggs.

So I ran upstairs and put on my Uggs, and let out a little cry of relief, when I felt there plush warmth.

And I said: 

'I'm Nicole. And I'm a Ugg-aholic. So what!'

Do you like to wear Uggs, or do you think they're too ugly?

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  1. Living in SC, we don't have to worry about super-cold winters.. but I happen to be a super-cold person naturally, so I've debated the Ugg deal. I just can't do it, they're too Uggish. That said, I know if I try them on I'll never take them off - so to date I am UggLess.

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